It all started when...


I had enough of being sick, tired and at the doctors office every week. There was always some new diagnosis, some new medication and some new referral to a specialist that was supposed to help me heal. But I never did. Until one day I had enough of the prescription medications, the doctors visits, the cystic acne, the passing out, the random large and red bumps on my legs, the chronic yeast infections and sinus infections, the respiratory infections, the asthma, the allergies- I was a mess and I was done with being a mess.

I googled my symptoms, came across some natural remedies involving a Raw Food Fast and Plant-Based Nutrition. The results people were getting from the Raw Food Fasting and by eating Plants were astounding. So, I decided to give it a try.

Needless to say, two week's into my Raw Food Fast having eliminated ALL Animal Product and Processed Food items, I was cured. Acne, almost gone. Yeast Infections, Sinus Infections, Allergies, Asthma.. all gone. How? I said NO to the processed junk, to the animal flesh and to those chemicals being given to me by my doctors. I said YES to an abundant, juicy and oh so satisfying Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle. I said YES to committing to change, I said YES to committing whole-heartedly, MIND BODY AND SOUL to my health.




e-Cornell Plant Based Nutritionist

National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT

Nuerobiology Studies

Six years later I am still living this health filled, fit and abundant Plant-Based lifestyle. I feel Radiant, Energetic and Whole. I have also had the honor of meeting many of the authors, dietitians, nutritionists and physicians whose work have inspired me and helped me heal along my journey. Through their teachings, my background in nursing, my formal education and my 6+ years of experience on my own personal health journey- I feel so blessed to say that I am now able to help others heal themselves Mind, Body and Soul. I was given the gift of health with Natural healing. I consider myself EXTREMELY blessed to be able to pass that gift of knowledge and support onto others to help them regain their Energy, Vitality and Passion for life!