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How To Manage Your Weight: Healthfully and Holistically

How To Manage Your Weight: Healthfully and Holistically

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Happy Sunday loves!

This morning while reading a brand new Nutrition book that I am loving, I have to say- a few things came to mind that I feel I should share! This is for my women who have Weight Loss on the mind and would like to maintain a more balanced weight.

I want to say that I am such a firm believer and practitioner of a Whole Food Plant Based way of eating due to the fact that it helps you obtain your optimal and ideal weight and shape. A great balance of Complex Carbohydrates, Healthy Fat's willed with Omega 3's and adequate Plant Based protein sources ideal for our bodies as Human Beings!

Side Note-->I am really reminding myself that anytime I have something helpful that can help make someones life happier, easier or better in any way, I WILL BE SHARING IT! Take what is useful and relevant for you, and discard the rest.

So, let's begin. I want to share a few of the more "unhealthy" ways that we can try to obtain our weight loss goals and offer much healthier and sustainable alternatives!

Unhealthy, Less Optimal Methods of Weight Loss

  1. Smoking. This is fueled by Corporate Interest. Commercials, Magazines and all forms of media frankly where Tobacco companies want to make a quick buck off of our deepest issues. This is not okay and extremely exploitative! A surprising number of clients I have worked with have confided in me that they use smoking as a means of weight loss. I did some research on this and according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) they "attribute an increase in smoking by women to their desire to be thinner. Cigarette's marketed as "light" "slim" etc are targeting women desires to be "long", "lean" and "light". I am here to tell you that there are so many healthy alternatives and that smoking is not the way. Keep reading.

  2. Restriction. Typically when one engages in more restricted methods of eating- binging and intense weight fluctuation between loss and gains occur. Severe negative emotional effects and guilty feelings about eating food also occur as a result of engaging in restricted eating habits.

  3. Extreme Dieting. This means jumping from one diet to the next in hopes of the next best thing helping you obtain your ideal weight and health goals. The result of this is confusion and feelings of inadequacy. Confusion due to too much misinformation in the marketplace by people creating these "fad" diets trying to make a quick buck. Feelings of Inadequacy due to not feeling successful with having completed and stuck to one "diet"

Let me tell you right now that there is hope for healthy and sustainable ways of eating to help you obtain your ideal weight and health goals

-Samantha Otero

Healthy and Holistic Alternatives to Strongly Consider

  1. Eating Plant Based. As I mentioned above, when engaging in a well balanced Whole Food, Plant Based lifestyle, you are naturally able to obtain and maintain your natural and ideal weight for your body type. This is due to Plant Based foods naturally not containing the saturated fats and cholesterol found in animal product/flesh/food. Restriction really only comes into play when eating Processed and Animal Food Products due to all of the hormones, chemicals and saturated fats they contain. As well as being completely devoid of any real nutrients. Get ALL of your nutritional needs met by eating Plant Based. Not only is this sustainable and healthier, you will regain newfound energy and mental clarity.

  2. Intuitive Eating. This is a way of eating in which we follow our gut instinct and begin to honor our natural cravings while remaining observant of what it is our body truly needs to thrive and be healthy. For example an Intuitive Eater might ask themselves "What do I feel like eating for dinner tonight? What sounds good to me? What would make my body feel good?

I hope that this provided some very useful insight my loveys! We each possess infinite potential for creating positive and meaningful change in our lives! REMEMBER THAT!

Your Plant Based Nutritionist & Holistic Lifestyle Advocate,

Samantha Otero | @HolisticSamantha

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