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Life Lessons from New Mexico

Life Lessons from New Mexico


I spent the last week road tripping from the midwest out to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I learned so many things during this trip. I’m going to create a bullet point list below and then elaborate on other thoughts afterward.

Your desire is your prayer. Picture the fulfillment of your desire now and feel its reality and you will experience the joy of the answered.
— Joseph Murphy
  1. I learned that you create plans and set goals. You go out to achieve them yet you must be flexible when it comes to the final result of your manifestation. We can envision things down to “perfection”, yet we must realize that sometimes simply acting on our goals will align us with what is actually for our highest good and for the highest good of all involved.

  2. The universe likes MOVEMENT. I view life more and more from the lens that we are each unique expressions of this ever expanding and contracting, universal consciousness. We are each made in Gods image, so therefore we are also the creators of our lives. We are just like that which has created and creates us in every moment. I feel this creator wants to get to know itself more through us.. this consciousness just experiencing itself in many different life forms. The for

    ms of life, the diversity that you see present on the planet.

  3. We are not some random occurrence.

  4. When you have built up some momentum leading you directly into your vision, GO WITH IT! You will moan and groan more about missed opportunity than about the failures and the lessons you learn as the result of those failures.

  5. You cannot make people see the world from a more expanded point of awareness. People often times must come to things within their own time. Trying to force people will only create more distance due to them closing themselves off because of you attempting to force your perception onto them.

  6. Live your life in such a way that you inspire others to also live MORE. To want to experience MORE. To want to be MORE of who it is that they truly are deep down, not who and what society is expecting them to be.

Life is such a movie. I feel we can learn to direct and produce our own film versus just being the passive participant in a film. We can just absorb what we feel is expected of us or we can imprint on this existence. We can allow what desires to be expressed from within us, to come forth,

The process of allowing ourselves to truly be self expressive, is the most liberating of things yet one of the toughest processes. We do the personal development, we meditate, we do our research and we pray. We begin to gain more mental clarity and fluidity in life. Yet, part of the process is facing what has been shoved under the rug for such a long time. Facing our triggers and learning to release other peoples thoughts and expectations. Understanding that we must purge the old and limiting beliefs in order to bring about regeneration to allow truth to spring forth.

When we heal, we become much lighter and much more clear. We are able to receive impressions on what living a meaningful life can look like for us. We then use the resources that we have available to us at any given point in time to begin self-actualizing and turning that vision into something that is tangible within this realm. If the mind can hold this vision, eventually you will see it manifest into its physical form. I had many moments of deja vu and familiar feelings… because I know deep down this is where I am supposed to be at any given moment due to having had this experience before.

Everything in life is experienced twice.

First, it is experienced in the mind.

Second, it is experienced in physical form.

New Thoughts, New Me

New Thoughts, New Me