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New Thoughts, New Me

New Thoughts, New Me

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When it comes to healing pain, lack mentality and trauma.. I’ve been using this concept and I have to say, this works!

Neuroplasticity, something that is now being accepted and widely spread throughout the Neuroscience Community and Mindfulness Practitioners alike- is the minds ability to form BRAND NEW neural connections.

This means that yes, you were programmed a specific way by your family, your environment and society at LARGE, yet we do not have to function on that level for the rest of our LIVES. Especially if it is not conducive for us and our growth.

By beginning a daily visualization and affirmation practice, you can actively work on creating new neural pathways, new structures within your BRAIN simply by using your thoughts alone.

The key component to making this work? FAITH! BELIEF! As well as a solid visualization routine that you run through daily, affirming your new reality to yourself.

Life Lessons from New Mexico

Life Lessons from New Mexico