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empathic dilemma.

empathic dilemma.

Lately I have had this very strong inclination to follow through on my gut instinct on a number of things.

It's been a few months now that I have known I was giving too much of my energy to certain people- even though it wasn't reciprocated and I was left feeling completely fucking drained afterward. I kept finding myself wanting to help people fix their problems and it hit me- everything comes from within.

I can act as a mirror or be there to help people realize what the root issue is- what truly might need to be worked on. Yet at the ending of the day we all have to do the uprooting ourselves and go inward to expand on our own individual journeys.

When you decide to become less available to people, you begin to feel so much more rejuvenated yourself. You also begin to see how there was never any unconditional love there because the minute you stopped giving them what they wanted- you see the true beast become unleashed. And you just sit there... watching. Sometimes I feel compelled to ask wtf that was all about- but I just leave it alone. I leave them there to see the mess they've created from me simply withdrawing my energy.

I've come to realize how much I have been supporting people when I need to have been putting more of that energy into supporting myself. Into supporting my creative projects. Into supporting SO many things to further my growth. *Whenever I say ME my little one is always included in that- little mama is everything.

I ask that if you too are an empath, a highly intuitive person like myself- that you truly watch where you place your energy. A good friend once told me that my energy is like diamonds.. and now I see that. The same goes for you.

Every single thing we see all around us is made up of energy. Whenever we invest in something or someone- it is all an energetic exchange.

If you're out here giving your energy to stagnancy, lack of appreciation and nothing that can reciprocate back something of an energetic equivalent- stop that shit, now. Remember that people will think of you whatever they want to think no matter what- because they will see the world through the lense of their own life experiences and perception of life in general.

I feel it is also a good thing, to see where we place our energy. It can help give us a sense of how much value we truly place on ourselves. How WORTHY do you really feel???

When we care for ourselves- we care for all others. We are all very intimately connected. When we wish another ill, we wish ill upon ourselves.

Fall back. Retreat. Do the inner work. Realize your wholeness. Learn. Expand.

Love you guys xoxo

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