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In Flow.


Spending the time exploring different aspects of myself that I’ve completely neglected

It’s so beautiful when we release trying to control every outcome of things that seem like they’re taking forever.

On things that take forever...

1. It’s either time to rethink your goals or what you THINK is best for you. Give God/The Universe some time to show you what is for your highest good. How you can be of the highest service to yourself, your community and all of humanity.  At times we can find ourselves obsessing about a particular goal so much that we forget the bigger picture and reason(s) as to why we began in the first place! Recenter. Refocus. Remember your why

2. It’s time to keep your head down putting in meaningful work, visions & prayers up while indulging in self care & compassion along the way. Self care and compassion are critical when it comes to living an overall healthier life. When we are hard on ourselves and engage in negative self talk we end up draining ourselves of energy that could be better spent elsewhere. 
Enjoy the daily process of doing what you love. Have faith in the best possible outcome and your ability to pull through🌟💜💫

Believe In Yourself & Honor Your Value

Madre Tierra//Mother Earth

Loving Our Children For Who They Are, NOT Their Accomplishments