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Loving Our Children For Who They Are, NOT Their Accomplishments

Loving Our Children For Who They Are, NOT Their Accomplishments

Whenever I see images of parents supporting their children for their achievements, it makes me so happy to see children getting the support that they need to continue bettering themselves!

Some other things come to mind as well. 

1. The fact that we praise our children when they get good grades. It's important to praise them when they do good deeds on a regular day to day basis as well, like when they hold the door open or say something loving. Even when they assert themselves and set boundaries saying what they are and are not comfortable with.


2. Remembering to praise our children for who they are. For when they paint a beautiful and unique piece of art. For when they try something and fail, always make them feel good about their attempt and encourage them to continue striving for greatness. Whatever that looks like for them in that moment.

3. To keep in mind that our children are each very unique and complex beings with emotions of their own. It would deeply sadden me to see a child feel crushed about his/her/their self due to being reprimanded for receiving a low grade or not achieving well enough at a certain sport, what have you.

We place specific expected outcomes on our children based on a very rigid and refined system. A system very reductionist in nature that does not observe things for the WHOLE BEINGS that they are. 

Remember to love on your child and remember that they are worth loving and praising for simply being alive. The fact that we are able to grow, learn and become better human(e) being's because of the children in this world. They need love, compassion and understanding.

I find that by giving our children the love, compassion and understanding that they need- we give those very things to ourselves as well.

Break negative worn out cycles of behavior and replace them with more conscious and intentional living. #HealthyFutureGenerations

In Flow.

In Flow.

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