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3 Ways To Live A More Authentic Life

"You are your own unique expression. do not cheat yourself and the world of all of your beauty, unique insight and magic. "

1. Remember that you know your life, vision and path the best. Whenever you question something, look within first to seek guidance vs asking an outside source. You will get a response based off of their life experience and perspective of the world

2. Whenever you feel you’ve made a mistake or have difficult feelings come up- remember to give yourself Loving Kindness. You deserve grace. Often times we learn the best lessons from our “mistakes”

3. Remember that NOBODY KNOWS YOUR MF’ING LIFE! Release fear of judgement. Others will always judge based off of their perspective from their life experiences and view on life. Plus if you stumble, stutter, trip, forget something- who the Fuck cares

Be nice to yourself and have fun. We are all human beings doing the best that we can in any given moment with what we know

With Love,


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