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3 Day Water Fast & Emotional Healing//Day 2

Hey you guys! 

So right now I am on day TWO of my Water Fast. Yes, I've had nothing but water to drink since Wednesday, March 21st at 6pm. It is not Friday March 23rd and it is 10am. I am on hour 40 of my fast! 

Why did I begin my fast? I have been feeling this deep pull to engage in a Water Fast for months now. I left a very toxic relationship, became a mother, moved around a lot- just a lot of changes and a lot of unresolved emotions. It's just been my daughter and I together these last 1.5 years and while I have been doing some major healing and growth, some things just weren't sticking and I continued to find myself repeating a series of the same mental cycles! AND I am soooo done with that...

I'm at the point where I know 2000% better so I am ready to do 2000% better. I've been growing my own coaching + wellness business this entire time, I have/had wonderful and patient, loving clients. It's all helped me stay motivated on my own wellness journey, being able to share my 6+ years of Holistic Health and Wellness knowledge and insight.

Okay, so below are my experiences so far since hitting hour 40 on my Water Fast!


  • So much more Self Compassion. Moments where I would have subconsciously been extremely hard on myself, I found myself lacking the energy to do so. Instead I stopped myself in my mental tracks, PAUSED, and decided to be kind. For example, I began to tell myself "Samantha you are doing so amazing! Girl I am proud of YOU!" Never in my life have I been able to do this. Ever. If I do, it's forced and I have to almost convince myself to believe it. Now I just DO.
  • I have been praising myself for my accomplishments and expressing myself, in a more uninhibited manner. I am authentic in my expression, and I feel this fast is taking that to the next level. Totally new and more grounded, conscious experience. 
  • I noticed the scarcity mindset that I have there chilling in my mind. Yesterday I passed Chipotle and thought "Omg what if everyone runs out of food and shit finally hits the fan on a global scale suddenly and I starve or something" and I was like WOAH! Samantha CHILL THE FUCK OUT! Everything is happening as it should. You can't force shit. Continue to follow your inner guidance. You are a spiritual being having a very earthly experience. All is well.
  • MY VOCALS THOUGH! I always sing. Like always. I was singing before I could form sentences. I was in show choir all through high school, traveled, performed in front of thousands of people, I've collaborated on musical projects in the past.. but I always felt like I was holding myself back vocally. Since doing this fast I am able to express my vocals so much more freely. I no longer feel the need to quiet myself or hold myself back. It's so cool.
  • MENTAL CLARITY! I thought I new mental clarity from when I did my Raw Food Fast 6 years ago when I first went Vegan. The mental clarity I have experienced so far from this Water Fast... phenomenal. 
  • Clear Skin. My blemishes from the cystic acne I struggled with before going plant based 6 years ago are going away. Two weeks ago I was eating more bread than I EVER usually do, and I had some new flare ups. They're all gone!

This is something I think I will be incorporating every few months, maybe for one day biweekly. I'll see. Obviously it takes patience and mental strength, but it's a challenge that I definitely need.

Thanks so much for tuning in you guys! Be sure to check out my day TWO video! I filmed late last night.

Sending all the love!

Samantha O.

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