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3 Day Water Fast & Life Lessons//Day 1

I am in the midst of a big life transformation- I know I can no longer go on living the way that I have been yet the future is so wide open and filled with billions of possibilities. The anxiety of not knowing what was to come used to drive me nuts.

I feel that being in this almost “limbo” phase has broken me down. It’s broken my walls of resistance. My need for control. My desire for KNOWING what the specific outcome will be. I have come to realize that embracing the unknown is sometimes the best thing we can do to get back in alignment with ourselves.

To honor my body, my mind, everything really as much as I can I am going to do a 3 day Water Fast. I am committing myself to 21 Days of Blog Posts + Videos.. I've just got to get out of this rut. I'm a single mother, filled with potential, ideas, creativity.. I'm ready to actualize on it all and stop playing fucking small. 

5 Things I’ve Learned during my limbo phase of transformation:

  1. It is sometimes better to remain open to the billions of possibilities that this life has to offer, rather than trying to cling to ONE specific outcome. The unexpected can sometimes be so much more beneficial for you than whatever it is you're trying to force.
  2. Feel your emotions. Yes, feel whatever comes up for you. During this limbo phase I’ve found that because I’ve had much more down time, emotions that have built up inside of me during the span of my ENTIRE life are begging for attention and to be acknowledged. Then sorted through however long in whatever way I feel is necessary.
  3. Get the fuck out of bed. Accept invitation’s from friends to hang out. Pick up a new hobby like water color painting or people watching. Just don’t stay inside all day EVERY DAY and remain stuck inside your head. Expansion is everything. We live in an ever expanding universe that likes to experience things and find new ways of expressing itself. Give yourself the gift of truly embracing and living this LIFE in the body that you’re in now to the fullest. Self care/hermit days are SO necessary… but we are social animals. We need community and some sort of activity. On the flip side if your in between transition phase has you missing sleep, I will share a recipe for some bedtime tea as well as a writing exercise that has helped me gain so much mental clarity in moments of overwhelm, that also helps me sleep at night.
  4. IT IS OH-FUCKING-KAY to not be OKAY! Living in the day and age that we live in can be extremely overwhelming. So much to do, so much opportunity, so much looking at other peoples lives wondering HOW DO THEY DO IT! Yes you can gain guidance and wisdom from the experiences of others, but it would suit you much better to go within. What do I mean by this? Be on the lookout for a blog post on that. In summary only YOU know what is best for YOU at the ending of the day because there is only ONE YOU! Only ONE you with the thoughts and life experience that you have. Yes.. keep that in mind. This society that we live in would have you comparing yourself and your journey to others- complete bullshit. If there is only one unique you that would mean that you are experiencing your own, one and unique life experience.. there is no comparison damn it. Stop falling into that trap. Mind you I do believe we are all so intimately connected as well… which leads me to #5
  5. WE are all SOOO intimately connected on this planet… within this universe. When you look at another you are looking at another expression of God, the universe, source energy. We all come from the same universal intelligence and are made by the same creator. Yes you are related to a tree. Yes that is scientifically proven. Yes that is dope as fuck..

Thanks for tuning in loves and stay tuned for some more of my ramblings, tips and tricks. Because LAWD knows I can’t keep this shit pent up in my head any longer.

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