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Words of Love on Getting Started, from me to you.

One thing that I get asked quite frequently is, how did I get started with my coaching practice? my healing journey which led to it? how do I write and create videos expressing myself?

It always strikes me whenever I hear these questions, as I feel I do nothing in comparison to what I have swirling around in my head constantly.

To start, we really have to see the value in what it is that we are creating. AND sometimes, we just have to truly honor that inner nudge to create. I do feel we live in a society that makes a large attempt to drown out the individual. it makes a big attempt to drown out what makes us unique. I feel this can be used in a way, to gain some perspective, to help us truly see our uniformity and how we all are truly more similar than we are different.

yet in the same breath, I feel we are here having this life experience to self actualize in ways that make us each unique. each and every single human being on this planet is such a unique, and beautiful expression of this vast and ever expanding universal consciousness. many days I will walk busy streets lined with people. when I see them I like to imagine that we are all doing the very best that we can with the current knowledge that we have within us.

I feel people are very misled which can lead to people acting in ways that do not benefit us as. human(e) collective. we forget that we are each one drop in this vast ocean. the ocean is made up of each and every single one of us, us being these unique droplets of water that make up the whole ocean.

how do we forget this? how do we allow such little mminiscule things like “will he/she like me?” “what are they saying or thinking about me"?” “omg I am not good enough!”

this is all very neurotic thinking to me and a clear signal that we have each forgotten the divinity that dwells within each and every single one of us.

I always go off on tangents like this. always. I am just learning to come to accept it.

to answer the question of getting started and expressing myself… you just have to begin. you have to allow yourself to be messy and to be exposed in possibly being very messy. you have to be willing to accept criticism and in the face of that still be able to understand that, that person has a right to their own opinion based on their life experience and that you can still stand firm in a loving yet fierce way with your own opinion.

there is no need for so much fighting. all of the fighting and war is such an external reflection of this survival mode that we are each still functioning in. we are divine creatures imbued with this universal consciousness. this consciousness and spirit that animates us. yet we are still biologically.. animals.

this is why it is so important to harness the power of the mind and use it for our intents and purposes. if not, other people who know the way in which all of our minds work (which is one mind) will program it for you and tell you the ways in which you should think, speak and act.

it can be a scary experience … or an empowering one. we must decide and be willing to roll with the punches, creating and loving all the while. this life is a crazy ass ride sometimes. yet we have to decide to either be authentic and create or remain silenced and docile.

you choose.

sending you so much love, and as I am writing this on New Years Eve… HAPPY NEW YEAR my love.



You Receive What You Feel Worthy Of

You Receive What You Feel Worthy Of