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You Receive What You Feel Worthy Of

You Receive What You Feel Worthy Of

When we feel good about ourselves and see the beauty that we possess within, we naturally feel worthy of accepting more good into our lives.

You find many people complain about never ending seasons of bad luck and depressing times. In my own personal experience and experience in working with group/one on one coaching- I see that at the root of much of this misfortune and lack of progression in a healthy manner, is that people do not feel worthy of being able to accept more GOOD into their lives.

Let me explain.

As children, up until about the age of seven we are extremely impressionable. I have read multiples times from multiples sources that it is as if we are in this hypnotic state. Now if we take into consideration the current air of “lack” that the majority of us are born into, we can see how we are born into a system which teaches us limited perception and to really just accept what it is that you are given.

Accept these set norms and ideals. Go to college. Get the job. Pay the bills. Raise the family. Retire and then vacation. Die. This might seem pretty harsh, yet you see how many people squandering their lives and energy simply because they are doing what they thought was expected of them.

Now in the age of social media and the world wide web connecting us all, we see that there are in fact unlimited ways in which one can think. This leads to unlimited ways in which one can LIVE. We can see how abundant the earth is in the fact that we cannot count the total number of grains of sand on this planet. The blades of grass in a beautiful open field. The way that the seasons change and with them bring about fruits and vegetables that compliment our needs for the season.

Lack is instilled in you from birth to prevent you from entirely leaving survival mode. They like it this way. Limited thinking persons leads to people remaining docile. Easily controlled and manipulated.

It is when we begin to take the time to

  1. analyze our dreams an pulling meaning from the symbolism and archetypes that arise

  2. meditate daily to quiet the mind a bit and to stop this obsessive over-thinking

  3. eat foods that nourish our bodies on a cellular level

  4. make body movement and some type of fitness training a daily priority

  5. reflect on our daily behaviors and the habits that drive them, keeping us either going in circles like a stagnant whirl-pool or ever flowing with the river of life

  6. ask questions. simply ask questions and not just accept things that are considered the “norm” and the only “acceptable” way of doing things

It can become easy to take so much good for granted. Especially when we are not PROGRAMMED to be able to have the EYES to see this GOOD that we have available to us at any moment we wish to tap into it. To ASK for it. Ask and you shall receive right? We say we have faith yet if we look at our daily lives, we demonstrate conformity and lack. Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

I do believe that it is your birth right to be able to receive infinite amounts of good that are in alignment with your unique expression and who it is that you are as an individual. Know that it is MORE than okay to dance to the rhythm of your own drum. The world is in dire need of your unique expression and unique gifts, talents- that only you possess.

You are more valuable than you could ever possibly imagine. More valuable than anything that can be seen with the naked eye or described with words.

Self- Appreciation

  1. Take an art class or any type of class enhancing a skill that you love and find to be FUN

  2. Write down and recite uplifting affirmations on a daily basis.

  3. Envision yourself as your highest version. I believe in life we have two pathways at any given point in time. Well, more than two but we can use the “fork in the road” concept. We can go LEFT, the way we have been programmed via societal and familiar norms. Succumbing to engaging in unfulfilling and toxic lifestyle habits, which fail to help our genetics express themselves in the best way possible. OR… we can go RIGHT. We can embrace the light within us that is just dying to express itself and be a bit more free. We can engage in the daily lifestyle and dietary habits that will help our spirit and genetics express themselves in the most optimal way possible

Sending love xoxo

Samantha Otero

Instagram- @HolisticSamantha

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empathic dilemma.