Women Re-Writing Their Personal Narrative and Embracing Radiant, Holistic Health.

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"My name is Brianna + i came across Samantha on instagram from another amazing women I follow. Let me just say that I was automatically floored by the energy + information her feed exuded. Mind you — before I even got the chance to speak to her, I knew she was the truth. After speaking with her for the first time though, I couldn’t believe she was real. A fellow Latina women, raised very similarly, doing such an amazing thing not only for herself + her daughter, but also extending her knowledge + wisdom to her community. That to me was amazing. She spoke with such confidence + such passion. She explained things to me + answered all the questions I had which such ease. She made everything so easy to understand + that is always such a relief especially when it comes to something as serious as your health.

Not only did she share what she knew, she shared her homemade recipes that she swears by + even explained the benefits of them all. The ingredients were all extremely affordable, easy to make + DELICIOUS!! I’m not going to lie, making this vegan transition wasn’t easy, but her confidence in me made me see things from a whole other light. I also have a 9 month old son + of course like most mothers other there — we want the absolute best for our children. I want to raise him to not need to unlearn all the bad habits I learned for the last 20 something years of my life. Breaking cycles is never easy + I want him to understand what foods will fuel him rather than satisfy a craving, but sounds scarier than you may think because not everyone around me agrees which the way I’m choosing to parent.

Again Samantha reassured me that I am doing the absolute best thing for my son + that i should never let anyone around me try to convince me otherwise. All in all, if you have the opportunity to work with Samantha or even have a conversation with her — you will not regret it in the slightest bit. Her energy is needed in this world + I am so happy to see her filling out her purpose + doing everything she has been called to do. Sam, you are the brightest light + I am so happy to have gotten to know you! GUYS, SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!"

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“My name is Saraya, I work as a personal trainer and work through out social media inspiring and influencing people within the fitness and nutrition industry.

Samantha is Strong, Authentic and Passionate. I love working with her because she is driven and passionate about her work. She makes you feel safe and secure when expressing your improvements and things you’d like to learn. Samantha really cares for her clients, like really! Samantha ability to be vulnerability and authentic is truly key to good communication from client to coach.

What I enjoy most about her program, is the group page we have. I love interacting with the other women via video chat and see where everyone is at on there journey. The vibes are always so positive and Samantha interacts at a high level daily, she’s always showing up!! The content level is real, she puts so much effort into this program and her passion shines through. Its very important as a client of hers to have a coach with so much passion for her work.

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 My testimonial of my experience with the amazing Holistic Samantha:

Samantha is very genuine, real and open. She helped me with my overall wellbeing and when we talked about other problems I had she provided great insight. As well as when it came to tips on personal health and affirmations. She helped me especially when it came to my feelings about college and dealing with my negative parents. It felt good that I got confirmation from her that I should take control of myself and do what I feel is best. I felt amazing after we talked and wish it was longer. It was better than I imagined it would be and I look forward to having her and her guidance in my life. I feel like it’s so important for woman to seek support from others who are willing to help. Because, i may be young but, I know how much is expected from us and what we deal with daily is a lot. Samantha helps so much.

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You have purpose and drive that is fueled by love and light in the most genuine capacity one can offer others. You have a message to spread and are raw + authentic in your delivery. You listen. You give a fuck." 

"I don’t know how it’s possible to care about a stranger but im obsessed with you and your passion behind this. Forever grateful for you!!!.”

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"Samantha has made my transition to a plant-based diet almost effortless. She has always answered any questions that have had and supplied ample information for the transition. I have been vegan now for about three months and I have never felt better. I have lost about 30 lbs. and gained so much energy and mental focus! I don’t feel foggy mentally and my headaches have all but gone away! I highly recommend purchasing her services!.” 

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"I’ve been working with Samantha for a few weeks now and in this short time she has already affected my life such incredible ways. The healing exercises, knowledge about the Vegan diet & exercise have helped me so much with becoming more in tune with mind, body and spirit.

She has been open about the things she’s gone through and how she has dealt with and healed herself over the years. It has shown me that I can practice positive thinking, change my mindset, and focus on growing into becoming exactly who I want to be! I can’t wait to see what else she has has in store for me for everyone else she helps! Much love"

Kinza E.

Hi Samantha,

I hope you are doing well. I had such a great experience with our consultation. I felt rejuvenated afterwards (I even did a little dance because my emotions were over-flooding.) Thanks again, for everything that you do. 

Seantel O.

Since embarking on this new journey with Samantha, I have enjoyed her energy, the way she connect’s with me as if I knew her forever. Samantha’s energy executes this aura that I myself will like to feed my family, friends and strangers with one day. The second thing I would say is her pureness, not everyone is perfect but she provide’s a level plane field for someone to trust her and relate to her story and journey as well. It's great that I can relate with my coach and vice versa.

Samantha Otero, you are seasoned lol, passionate and determined!

Libby A.

Hi Samantha,  thanks so much for the info.  Things are going really well.  I've been sticking to the food plan we set up and have actually lost a little weight!  Ive changed things over faster than I thought I would and not eating dairy has been really easy.  I also bought magnesium spray and is really easing any symptoms of fibromyalgia.  Thank you so much for your help with this.  I think it will be life changing in some ways!


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Center For Psychological Services, 2017

"Food and Mood" Presentation and Education for Resident Therapists, Psychologists and Licensed Counselors

Nutritional Therapy & Holistic Wellness Group Sessions for Licensed Counselors and Patients in for outpatient treatment


Purdue University Latino Cultural Center, 2018

Lunch 'N Learn for Faculty and Students

Topic: "Decolonizing Our Diets"

FIERCE by WeAreMitu Article

FIERCE by WeAreMitu Article

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Plant Based Healthy Solutions Feature